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Create an Outdoor Room That Will Make Your Indoors Jealous

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Summer makes its “official” debut next week, which means the outdoor entertainment season has commenced. Whether you have a petite porch or a lavish lawn, there is always a way to spruce up your space. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ideas and pieces to help you create the outdoor oasis you’ve dreamed about. 

For Grand Gardens

Birthdays, barbecues, a random Wednesday afternoon–good weather is always a reason to get outside. To make the most of your space, treat it like you would an interior space, with furniture and accessories made for the great outdoors, such as;

Outdoor Sofas: The outdoor couch is definitely an investment piece, but when well-cared for, will last years and truly takes outdoor living to the next level. Pieces like the Square Teak Sofa from Cane-Line are stylish enough for the living room but built to take the elements outside.

square teak sofa by caneline

Floor lamps: This is another traditional indoor element that can be taken outside. Outdoor floor lamps can be everything from elegant to whimsical, but I love the classic look of the Cala Outdoor Floor Lamp by Bover. Pair it with your  your seating arrangement to keep the space alive after dark.

Pro tip: The technology for fabrics and materials used in outdoor furniture has improved leaps and bounds since your grandparents’ outdoor set. Using textiles like rugs, pillows and throws for your outdoor living spaces creates a lush and truly welcoming space that will draw even the most recalcitrant resident outside.

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cala outdoor floor lamp by marset

For Petite Patios

Not every outdoor space is resort size, but even the smallest porch can be improved with smart choices and good planning. The key is to take advantage of smaller scales—and don’t be afraid to get creative.

Folding options: Need your space to multitask? Take advantage of pieces that can be tucked away when not in use. The iconic Bistro Table and Chairs by Fermob make a great spot to enjoy morning coffee or a dinner for two, but pack away when space is needed.

bistro chair by fermob

Hanging lights: Use the space above your head. String lights are a classic choice, but you can also try a playful pendant like the Garota Outdoor Plug in Pendant by Bover to create a warm and inviting ambiance.

garota pendant by bover

Pro tip: Especially in a small space, don’t be afraid of color. Take the risks that you would might not take indoors and let your space shine!

Fresh air affairs: Sometimes it seems like the only time we really get to sit down is for dinner. Create a cozy space for outdoor dining, and even reheated leftovers can suddenly feel like a summer holiday.

Trendy tables: Pick a table to fit your space and needs. Entertain a lot? Love to grill? Go big with an expandable table to make sure that the whole block can squeeze in. The Biarritz Extension Table by Fermob is a beauty and offers plenty of seating.

biarritz extension table by fermob

Entertaining extras: If you like hosting, you know that it all comes down to the details. Save schlepping back and forth from the kitchen every time someone needs a top off with a bar cart like the Frame Trolly from Cane-line. It serves up a double wallop of practicality and style with its mobile base and clean lines.  

frame trolley by caneline

Pro tip: Pesky bugs making a meal of yours? An outdoor ceiling fan (even on low) can help clear the air and make sure your dinner stays yours.

For Poolside Priorities

For those of us lucky enough to have a pool, this time of year is when all the hard work of skimming and scrubbing pays off. Make the most of it by making it feel like your own private resort (but remember— no running!)

Keep cool: For long hours of poolside lounging, keeping out of direct sun is critical. Smart pieces like the Eclipse Round Umbrella by Umbrosa is a perfect partner for keeping sunburns at bay. Endlessly adjustable, it can keep you cool throughout the day.

eclipse round umbrella by umbrosa

The main event: The best part of lounging by the pool is of course the lounger itself. Pick a piece that stands on its own. The sculptural lines of the Surf Sun Chaise by Vondom are pleasing whether you are relaxing or just ogling.

surf sun chaise by vondomPro tip: A properly prepped side table will save you endless trips back inside. Use one to hold your favorite tunes, current summer read, snacks, drinks and a few extra towels.

I hope I’ve sparked some imagination for getting your summer started right! Whether it be a little spruce up or a whole new space, take the time to make your outdoors a place you want to be—because we all need a little more fresh air!

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