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Celebrating Earth Day at Lumens

Happy Earth Day! We are excited to celebrate Earth Day 2015 because we are all proponents of environmentally-friendly lighting. We work with several vendors of modern lighting and today we want to highlight those who employ sustainable, responsible and earth-friendly design, manufacturing and shipping practices.

Enjoy your Earth Day and help create a sustainable environment with any of these brands and products.

Earth-Friendly Design

Trash Me Table LampTrash Me Lamp

&Tradition Trash Me Table Lamp

The Trash Me Table Lamp by Victor Vetterlein for &Tradition is trash and treasure compiled into one. This unique, eco-friendly table lamp is 100% recycleable and is made from paper pulp, cast iron and aluminum.

Souda Bubble ChandelierSouda Bottle Chandelier

Souda Bubble Chandelier

This eco-friendly design by Shaun Kasperbauer for Brooklyn’s Souda is not your ordinary bubble chandelier. The Souda Bubble Chandelier was inspired by the look of soap bubbles and is made out of multiple recycled post-consumer plastic soda bottles. This whimsical, earth-friendly fixture is available in clear or green bottle colors to accommodate your space.

Marset LEDtube SconceMarset LEDtube Wall SpotMarset LEDcompass Sconce

Marset LEDtube & LEDcompass Sconces

This Earth-friendly family from Marset includes the LEDtube R Wall Sconce, LEDtube Wall Spot and the LEDcompass RSC Wall Sconce. Each contemporary LED fixture in this family consumes only three watts of power, making them all energy-efficent and eco-friendly. These sconces are available in black, white or aluminum finishes.

Marset FollowMe LampFollowME LED Lamp by Marset

FollowMe Portable Table Lamp by Marset

This eco-friendly, battery operated table lamp by Marset is the perfect option when the power goes out or when you are looking to conserve electricity. The FollowMe Table Lamp is made with a built-in battery that can be re-charged with common USB devices and it uses an energy-efficient LED light source. Since it is portable, you can take it on the go and it’s ideal for outdoor use too.

Earth-Friendly Manufacturing

LZF Lighting


The Spanish lighting company, LZF, manufactures decorative lighting with a variety of beautiful wood veneer patterns. All of the veneers used to create the LZF lighting collection are forested under environmentally sustainable guidelines and the company is also certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Graypants Scraplights


Seattle-based Graypants Studio manufactures all of its lighting designs using recycled materials. Every pendant light in the company’s Scraplight collection uses recycled cardboard that the team actually finds from dumpsters in the Seattle area. Meanwhile, Graypants’ newest collections at Lumens, the Kerflights and Steplights, use recycled steel and recycled aluminum in their production process.

Deadstock Pendant by Castor Design

Castor Design

Castor Design emphasizes the use of recycled materials in all of its lighting designs. Products like the Tank Pendant and the Tank Plated Pendant are made from recycled fire extinguishers, while the Recycled Tube collection of products are all made with burned-out fluorescent tubes. This Toronto-based design firm also reaches into now-defunct Canadian lighting factories to salvage shades and parts for its reincarnated Deadstock collection of pendants and floor lamps.

Earth-Friendly Packaging

David Trubridge Packaging

David Trubridge Design

David Trubridge does it best when it comes to Earth-friendly packaging. Every light fixture from this New Zealand brand is flat packaged and shipped in eco-friendly packaging that uses 100% recycled cardboard. Flat packaging every product helps to conserve energy by cutting down on packaging costs as well as fuel costs for the shipping vehicle involved.

Resident Studio Lighting


Fellow New Zealand-based company, Resident Studio, follows a similar methodology with packaging by flat packaging all of its products in an environmentally-responsible manner to help cut down on packaging and fuel costs when getting a product to the end consumer.

Other Great Options

To be Earth-friendly and energy-efficient year-round, consider upgrading your fixtures to use LED lamping. LEDs reduce energy consumption and energy costs while being efficient and long-lasting. Take a look at our full assortment of LED lighting options here.

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