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Cat About Town: Minou Purse Hook by Alessi

2011 February 16

While great lighting is a guaranteed way to make a home look great (and make you look great in it), you can’t always take that awesome Tom Dixon pendant on the subway and out to dinner with you. But there’s more than one way to accessorize, and I’ve recently come across a tote-worthy token that literally took me by surprise.

While I’ve got a soft spot for the quirky and daring designers at Alessi, I’m really not a cat person. Blame it on allergies and my never-ending need to be loved. But this little kitty had me at “meow”. The Minou purse hook, designed by Belgian Frederic Gooris, is a cute–no, stylin‘ tom made of polished stainless steel that comes in either black or silver. Not being a superstitious sort, I opted for black–only time will tell if I made the right decision.

Measuring slightly over 4 inches, the Alessi Minou purse hook is small enough to slip into any clutch. So imagine my surprise when this sassy cat was able to hold up my packed purse with just a flick of his tail! A cat that not only doesn’t shed, but will hold onto my purse?? Ah, love…!

A few shots of how Minou and I have hit the town are below. Get one of these slick kitty caddies yourself right here.

Minou Purse Hook by Alessi Minou Purse Hook by Alessi
Minou Purse Hook by Alessi Minou Purse Hook by Alessi
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