Can’t get no…?: Meet the Slatisfaction

Slatisfaction Pendant by Varaluz

Slatisfaction Pendant by Varaluz,available exclusively at

Our latest exclusive from Varaluz comes at a fitting time. April is Earth Month, and Varaluz has been a friend of ‘ol Mother Earth since the company’s inception–all of its lighting is built from recycled materials, turning would-be trash like steel, shells and wood into modern lighting treasures. One of the company’s newest introductions is the Slatisfaction Pendants, available in both a large and mini pendant size. The gourd-shaped piece is made up of sweeping curves of hand-forged recycled steel, with curving, open slats that let the bulbs within peek through and produce a swirling pattern of light.

Slatisfaction Pendant by Varaluz

The lines and proportions of Slatisfaction are enhanced by a range of glossy finishes, including an iridescent Statue Garden that, depending on your viewing angle, shifts from gold to bronze to green.

“I have been enamored lately with the 60’s and 70’s onion shapes,” says Slatisfaction designer and Varaluz founder Ron Henderson. “Or maybe ‘tormented’ is a better term if you knew my parents’ sense of décor.”

Henderson finds inspiration in both likely and surprising places: “[It] can come from a B-52s song, a shadow on a sidewalk, a bad pun, women’s jewelry, an amazing visual or real texture, or great architecture,” he says, “and/or anything in between.” For Slatisfaction, he did take a slight turn toward the retro. “Think of those free-floating mod fireplaces from that era. I started playing with that shape and worked my love of dramatic silhouetting into the mix.”

But don’t fear–Henderson’s pendant may evoke memories of wood paneling and corduroy upholstery, but Slatisfaction is placed squarely in this millennium. Like all of Henderson’s lighting, he balanced a playful sense of possibility with an eye toward the environment when designing Slatisfaction. Made from 100% recycled hand-forged steel, it is entirely possible that one of those free-floating fireplaces has been given new life in the form of Slatisfaction. Everything old is new again—isn’t that incredibly slatisfying?

Slatisfaction Pendant by Varaluz

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