Bright as Yellow

First of all, let me tell you that yellow has never been my favorite color. To me, the lighter shades of yellow have always been just too bright, too dazzling, while the darker tones are brownish and murky-looking. Which is why it surprises me to now be considering adding some yellow to my own home. In a number of applications I’ve seen lately, I’ve actually found yellow to be an appropriately sunny and cheerful design choice. Take this project in London:

House Little Venice by Wells Mackereth, London (photo courtesy of


…or this apartment in Amsterdam:

Apartment Weteringschans by I Love Architecture, Amsterdam (photo courtesy of

In both of these projects, the name of the game is moderation. The reason the yellow works for me in such cases is that it’s not overdone. Yellow is a vibrant and exciting color. So, in my opinion, a little goes a long way. The sparkling yellow chandelier is just enough to break up the generally grey tones of the London loft, while the white and yellow dome pendants, Topan Pendants and Twiggy Floor Lamp pop against the pure white walls and wood cabinetry of the kitchen in Amsterdam.

In addition to those fixtures, I’ve found a few other pieces that I feel would add just enough yellow to decor. Best of all, they’ll bring cheer and a splash of summery brightness without the need for sunglasses.

Clockwise from top left:

Capri 1 Pendant by Jonathan Adler

Fly Suspension by Kartell

Alarm Clock by ANYTHING

Sixagon Side Table by Misewell

Tube Top Colors Table Lamp by Pablo

Victoria Ghost Chair by Kartell

And for more information on the projects shown above, be sure to check out the blog about House Little Venice at, and Apartment Weteringschans at the blog at

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