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Bon Appétit with Box Appétit by Black + Blum

2010 June 7

I swear I’ve tried every contemporary lunch box on the market—neoprene bags, those stackable Bento-like boxes, plastic containers with the utensils, dressing cup and ice pack all built in. And it’s always one thing or another—something spills, it’s too bulky, too hard to clean, etc. etc. I know, my life is hard.

Box Appetit by Black + Blum

Box Appétit by Black + Blum

Which is why I strive to find things that make my life easier, a la the Box Appétit by Black + Blum. This revolutionary lunch box is more like a ceramic bowl, which seems like a new, classy concept for the on-the-go container. It comes with a sauce pot to tote along salad dressing, ketchup, or anything else you want—that way you can avoid being that person who brings Tabasco or what-have-you everywhere that you go. Inside, there’s an inner dish that allows you to portion things out, so you can microwave last night’s tri-tip while keeping the fruit salad cold, but you get to carry it all in one container. And the Box Appétit wouldn’t be that genius if a fork weren’t included, so of course it is.

Better yet, the glass-like lid locks to the body for a water tight seal. Considering that I once had a faulty lid that resulted in some soy sauce spillage in my bag that ruined an iPod, among other things, I’m all about that.

Black + Blum also offers a handy-dandy carrying bag made just for the Box Appétit. It fits snugly inside and opens up to a placemat when you’re ready to chow down.

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