Bocci: Doing Great with 28

The latest modern lighting design and manufacturing technique developed by Omer Arbel of Bocci: 28 Series.

In Italian, bocci means “buds.” While those at Bocci may never reveal if that’s what their name actually means (and what it implies), it’s clear that their creativity is truly in full bloom.

28 Series Single Pendant

Bocci 28 Series Single Pendant

As a contemporary design and manufacturing house (based in Vancouver, Canada), Bocci has become renowned for their eclectic, high concept lighting designs. Their latest achievement in that regard is the stunning Bocci 28 series. This series of pendants can be considered the easy-going cousin of one of Bocci’s most successful designs to date, the perfectly spherical, cast glass Bocci 14 series.

28 is much more organic. Its transparent outer globe is puckered and pocked with an overall malleable form, with an opaque inner cavity that houses and diffuses a single low voltage halogen, xenon or LED light source.

The process used to create these singular spheres is truly innovative. Bocci’ s creative director, Omer Arbel, has sought to design a system that produces form, rather than designing form itself. To that end, Arbel abandoned traditional strictures of design and devised a manufacturing method for 28 series with only the loosest parameters built in.

Bocci 28 Series Thirty-Seven Pendant Chandelier

Bocci 28 Series Thirty-Seven Pendant Chandelier

The resulting glass-blowing process involves having air intermittently blown in and sucked out of an intermittently heated and cooled glass matrix. This hand-made technique intentionally creates a different shape every time. While the resulting globes come standard with clear glass exteriors and milk white glass inner cavities, this manufacturing process also allows for infinite variety when it comes to colors as well.

While slightly different in shape, each sphere is meant to be grouped together with others into geometric clusters. As of right now, 28 is available as a single pendant or in prearranged groups of 3, 7, 19 and an amazing 37 pendants.

Just describing the glass-blowing technique might not be enough to properly illustrate just how impressive it really is. To see the unique 28 series hand-crafting process in action, Bocci put together this video:

They also filmed their recent installation of a custom 28 chandelier at the Milan, Italy design store and gallery Rossana Orlandi:

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