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Beat Lights: Delicious Lighting for a Modern Restaurant

Arch Daily recently highlighted the design of a lovely restaurant, the Pass Plus Cafe, located in the Hongqiao Railway Station in Shanghai, China. Careful space planning by architecture firm Imagine Native and clean yet luxurious material choices transformed what was a tight space into a relaxing and elegant dining experience.

In addition to the natural light coming through the expansive wall of windows, the space really shines with the use of Tom Dixon Beat Lights. The black patina exteriors of the lights complement the deep, dramatic tone of the natural wood and painted walls, while the golden interiors adds a sense of warmth and richness. More than that, the Indian brass cooking pots that inspired the design of the lights make them particularly apropos for illuminating an eating establishment.

From left to right, Beat Light Pendants – Tall over the counter, a large cluster of Beat Light Pendants – Wide, and a row of Beat Light Pendants – Fat along the wall of windows:

Tom Dixon Beat Lights

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