As Seen on TV: Lights We Love in This Year's Superbowl Commercials

There’s a thing about working here at Lumens where, without even really realizing it, you’re constantly recognizing designs and lighting fixtures out in the real world. More than once I’ve walked into a store, hotel or restaurant and said “Hey, want to hear about these lights?” (Note: they don’t).

So I wasn’t too terribly surprised that when taking in the commercials between the snoozefest that was Superbowl 48, there were a number of modern lighting fixtures that had me yelling, “Hey! I know that light!” in between pretzel bites. I know, it’s sad. But we’re going with it.

Here are a couple of Superbowl commercial highlights, Lumens style:


We could have guessed David Beckham could only star alongside something as alluring as Achille Castiglioni’s Taraxacum 88 Suspension for Flos Lighting. Its moniker comes from the scientific name for the dandelion, which the 60 tightly bunched bulbs loosely represent in the design.


Ellen’s jam session in her Beats by Dre commercial happened along a few favorites. Here, the Zanadoo Chandelier by Arteriors, a retro-esque sputnik light that brings the glam, especially to a swanky place like this one. We also spotted another Flos Lighting favorite in the same commercial:


That’s the Tatou Pendant by Flos Lighting, designed by Patricia Urquiola. Its name means armadillo in French, as the design is evocative of the animal’s protective shell.


Alright, we can’t be sure this is the exact same light, but the kitchen pendant in the highly anticipated Oikos/Full House reunion commercial sure looks a lot like the Hinge Pendant No. 804
By Quorum. We like Uncle Jesse’s modern restoration style, but let’s face it—anything would go with that hair.

Did you spot any favorites during the Superbowl commercials? It’s OK to admit it—this is a safe place.

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