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An Interview With Our Lighting Star, Zack Rosson

Zack Rosson at Lumens.comAt Lumens, we take pride in our expert service and are happy to have experienced lighting consultants working with our shoppers to help fulfill any of their lighting or interior design needs. One of our top lighting consultants who is undoubtedly a Lighting Star at Lumens is Zack Rosson. Zack exemplifies the role of being a lighting professional and for anyone who has visited our Sacramento Showroom, you have likely experienced his professionalism firsthand.

We had a chance to catch up with Zack and ask him a few questions about why he loves being a lighting designer at Lumens.

1 – How long have you been working in lighting design?

I started in the lighting design field back in 2002 at a small store called Classic Lighting in Stockton, California. I was the showroom floor designer for two years and also started an apprenticeship with lighting while at Classic Lighting. Then, I came to Sacramento and waited for Lumens to open its doors. I had interviewed at Benning Design (later purchased by Lumens’ CEO Ken Plumlee) and my hire date at Lumens was February 14, 2006. That was nine years ago and the rest is history.

2 – What do you love about decorative lighting design?

Lighting brings in layers of the design. You can set the tone and feel to any space just with the ability to have light by wall washing, with decorative designs or with ambient task lighting.

Zack Rosson & Kerrie Kelly

3 – Why do you believe you are a Lighting Star?

I try to bring the most important aspects of lighting to a space with the best of my ability. I look for areas in the lighting world that get most overlooked and try to apply layers and beauty to fulfill the interior design side of me and the utilitarian objectives of everyday life.

4 – What does it mean to you to be certified by the American Lighting Association?

To be certified by the American Lighting Association (ALA) is the backbone to all of my lighting dilemmas. Without the training and guidance of this main essential tool, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Zack Rosson & Kerrie Kelly Lighting Project

5 – How does having this certification help you with your clientele and help Lumens in general?

ALA certification is just the foundation to being a Lumens Human. It is the hunger for knowledge in the areas of lighting and design that drives me to be in a constant state of learning. We have weekly training sessions to make sure we are up to speed on the latest trends and technology advancement. I am committed to complete satisfaction and not just focused on making the next sale for our shoppers. I want to truly understand both functional requirements, as well as aesthetic desires before making lighting recommendations. I listen to our customers, love to get positive feedback and strive to learn from my mistakes. I’m constantly looking for ways to improve and create the best experience for the customer.

6 – What are some of your favorite projects you have worked on and why?

I love working with designers and the general home owners. I get so much joy seeing a space transform into something they love and they get to live with beautiful designs everyday. I truly appreciate what I do.

Zack Rosson Lighting Project

7 – If you had to choose three of your favorite lighting brands at Lumens, what would they be and why?

First, Tech Lighting because of the flexibility to adapt to so many different applications for both commercial and residential uses. Second, Modern Fan Co. for its sleek and modern designs and the way they can design a fan to fit any need. Third would have to be Robert Abbey since I love the mid-century aesthetic and the company works with so many designers like Jonathan Adler and Mary McDonald. They are well known names that bring the sense of quality that clients look for, plus their products ship relatively fast.

Zack has worked on many design projects in Northern California and often partners with Sacramento’s Kerrie Kelly Design Lab. He also contributed to Kerrie Kelly’s 2009 interior design book presented by Sunset Magazine, Home Decor: A Sunset Design Guide.

Swing by our lighting showroom in Midtown Sacramento and let Zack help you with your next lighting project.

*All images courtesy of Zack Rosson and Kerrie Kelly Design Lab.

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