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Staying on task can be difficult, particularly when you’re trying to work with poor lighting. One of our biggest pet peeves is trying to get something done without the right lighting to stay on task. Check out three of our favorite desk lamps to keep you motivated and ready to tackle anything that comes your way!

CSYS Task Lamp by Jake Dyson – $990.00 + Free Shipping!

Jake Dyson Lamp

Exclusively available through Lumens, the CSYS Task Lamp is a compact lamp that will look great sitting on any desk. Designed by London-based designer, Jake Dyson, the CSYS allows smooth adjustment with three different axes. By using heat pipe technology, the lamp can last for more than 37 years of use!

The lamp is made with aluminum and polycarbonate in an anodized and glossy finish. It features light level memory and an integrated touch sensitive dimmer switch on the base for your convenience. Available in Black, Industrial Blue, Industrial Red, Putty Grey, or White, you’re guaranteed to find a look that suits you.

What Shoppers Are Saying About the CSYS Task Lamp:

We first discovered this task lamp at the Design Junction venue which took place during London’s Design Festival 2012. Its inventor, Jake Dyson is the son of Jack Dyson, best known for the Dyson vacuum cleaner line of products. Like his Father, Jake has a flair for functional design that not only looks good, but also outperforms traditional LED lighting. I was thrilled to learn that Lumen’s distributed these unique products in the US, and ordered one as soon as the new color range became available. While a bit pricier than most task lamps on the market, the bulbs long lifespan (claimed to be 37 years), cutting edge design, and smooth clean lines make this product worth every cent. Lumens customer service, fast shipping and ease of ordering made the sale all that much easier. Highly recommended!

You can check out the versatility and fluidity of the CSYS in this demonstration:

Ant Bee Pharmacy Table Lamp by Robert Abbey – $222.75 + Free Shipping

Robert Abbey Ant Bee Pharmacy Lamp

If you’re looking for a more traditional aesthetic, the Ant Bee Pharmacy Table Lamp by Robert Abbey is an elegant revival of old-world style. The desk lamp has an articulated arm, pivoting neck, and rotating dome-shaped shade for easy adjustment. Available in either Deep Patina Bronze or Patina Nickel, this adjustable height fixture can keep you on task in style!

What Shoppers Are Saying About the Ant Bee Pharmacy Table Lamp:

I saw a lamp like this one on a television show and had to find it. I searched all over in stores and on line for quite a while. I then stumbled on to Lumens and looked at a whole bunch of lamps until I found it! I had to order it. The information said it would take 2-4 weeks to ship but it arrived in just over a week. I was so surprised to see how good the packing was, and how well it is made. It is very sturdy and looks perfect on my desk. This is a lamp that I will keep for a very long time. It uses regular 60 watt light bulbs and that is more than enough for my desk.

Brazo Table Task Lamp by Pablo Designs – $420.00 + Free Shipping

Pablo Designs Brazo Table Lamp

Designed by Pablo Pardo for Pablo Designs, the Brazo Lamp is a thing of beauty. The sleek, minimal design is a no-nonsense approach to your desktop. With a 97% recyclable frame and a 90% more efficient fixture than comparable halogen light sources, you can save the earth while you’re staying productive. The desk lamp features 360 degree adjustability, a 90 degree arm tilt, and an adjustable height. Choose from a Black, Bronze, Silver, or White finish to fit with your office space.

What Shoppers Are Saying About The Brazo Task Lamp:

This sleek LED lamp is a thing of beauty, and functions beautifully too. The illumination is very even, and the light level and angle of the beam are highly adjustable. The height, rotation, and angle of the arm are adjustable too. The lamp is constructed of aluminum, and feels very durable. In terms of its design, quality, and functionality, this LED lamp is hard to beat. And of course, the service from Lumens was excellent!

Whatever task lighting you may need, you are sure to find the perfect lamp for your space in our selection.

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