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A Rocky Renovation

When their clients complained that their Arts & Crafts home in Bellevue Hill (a suburb of Sydney, Australia) felt “too big,” MCK Architects was challenged to improve flow while simultaneously adding a sense of warmth and coziness. This they accomplished in three ways: through the addition of Middle Eastern-inspired colors, patterns and natural texture.

On the exterior, signs of things to come inside are presented in the sandstone wall and chimney, with pure white walls that are contrasted by the brightly colored and patterned textiles by the vibrant aqua-tiled pool:


Honiton Residence, Bellevue Hill, Australia


The sandstone wall became the primary feature used to transition between indoors and out, as well as through various interior spaces. Here, the patio wall flows seamlessly into the interior family room wall. Above, you can catch a glimpse of the dining room through the patterned sliding screen, as well as an upstairs patio. In the family room, sleek modern furnishings balance the natural, rustic feel of the sandstone, including pieces like the glossy white Spun Light F Floor Lamp and Model 2097/50 Chandelier, both by Flos Lighting:


Patio and family room


The Model 2097/50 Chandelier makes a particularly grand impression in the space. The large modern piece provides vibrant illumination and draws the eye upward to the tall ceilings. In the upper right, an even closer glimpse of the dining room—and its incredible ceiling—presents itself:


Family room


The dining room and nearby sitting room blend intricately patterned plaster ceilings with a blend of rustic and modern furnishings and artwork. In the dining room, the Fuscia 12 Multipoint Pendant, also by Flos, adds a particularly intriguing, ultra-contemporary contrast to the traditional pattern of the ceiling, moldings and surrounding decor:


Dining room and sitting room


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