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A Million Colors in One: A New Palette for the Series 7, Ant and Grand Prix Chairs

Written by Nissa

Color is not a static entity. According to Fritz Hansen, how a color looks depends on the form of the item blessed with a particular hue, the lighting/time of day, the viewing angle and everything else that surrounds that item. It even depends on your mood when you’re looking at it. For all those factors, a single color is actually ever-changing.

In honor of that philosophy, Fritz Hansen commissioned famous Danish painter, Tal Rosenzweig–better known as Tal R–to come up with 9 new colors for the Series 7 Chair (and subsequently, the Ant and Grand Prix chairs). Not only do the new colors have special meaning for Tal R, they help to reinterpret and reinvigorate the timeless furniture designs of Arne Jacobsen.


Pictured above are all the new colors created by Tal R, otherwise known as the “colors in perfect shape.” From left to right, what the colors are and how Tal R was inspired to use them:

Chevalier Orange
This is considered by Tal R to be the most exclusive new color. It is inspired by orange hues worn in the past by oriental aristocrats.

Evren Purple
This color is named after Tal R’s wife, artist Evren Tekinokray. It is meant to convey deep love and passion.

Huzun Green
This was inspired by green as it’s used in Islamic culture. (You may recognize it from its use on buses in Istanbul and other Middle East locales.) The word huzun also means “wistful” in Turkish, and means to evoke a certain sense of remembrance and longing.

Alstadt Rose
This is Tal R’s signature color; he leaves a rose in every one of his works. The rose itself symbolizes beauty and vanity.

Ai Blue
This blue is a deep indigo, or “ai,” in Japanese.

Chocolate Milk Brown
This color is as warm as a hug (ideal for the hugging curves of the Arne Jacobsen chairs) and as delicious as a cup of hot cocoa.

Egyptian Yellow
Another color evoking aristocracy of the ancient world, in this case, ancient Egypt. It is rich and earthy, with a touch of lead for added nuance.

Opium Red
This color is vibrant and decadent, inspired by the exoticism and mysteries of 1930s Shanghai.

Trieste Blue
Trieste is a port in northeastern Italy, and this color was created to try to capture the evasive blue tone of the waters in that area. This hue is at once blue and violet, and it shifts effortlessly between the two.

series-7-chairs-2series-7-chairs-purple series-7-chairs-green

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