A House of Many Colors

Maybe it’s because I still have dichroic glass on the brain. Or perhaps I’m just glad it’s spring, with its warmer temperatures and proliferation of bright, cheerful colors. Whatever the reason, the home shown here couldn’t help but attract–and hold–my attention. It’s called the Orange House, designed for a family in Bilkent, Ankara, Turkey by the firm of Yazgan Design Architecture. This unique contemporary home is made out of concrete and steel, with clean lines softened by rounded corners and warm color. By day, the name of the home is quite apt, the exterior painted almost entirely orange (with coordinating accent walls on the interior):

That one color is enough to attract attention. But by night this vibrant orange becomes even more dramatic, and is joined by a rainbow of other colors courtesy of the intricate lighting. Outside, the orange gradates into red and purple, while the pool glows aqua next to the green lawn:

Around in the front, clusters of LED “cattails” float in ponds set along the stairs. Their white glow works together with that of the step lights, while their distinctive plant-like form complements the nearby trees and other landscaping:

The lighting effect is particularly dramatic inside. As you can see, the centerpiece of the home’s interior is the brightly glowing staircase:

Clear when turned off, each of the the stairs create an amazing color-shifting light show when illuminated:

I defy any bad mood to stand up against the happy colors and light emitted from every nook and cranny of this home. To see more of this project, check out the blog at HomeDSGN.

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