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A Complete Home Office Design From Kartell

Tired of the same old office space and need a refresh? Setting up your home office requires putting some thought into creating the space that will be most conducive to your productivity and concentration. To help you create that ideal working environment, we’ve put together a guide to some of the exceptional home office furniture from Italian-based Kartell, including items from your office desk to your storage cabinets. Take a look a few of our favorites below.

Getting the Perfect Desk

The right office desk is a combination of sufficient space, a comfortable height and the right aesthetic match for your office area. In our furniture department, we have the perfect assortment of modern office desks from which to choose.

Kartell Four TableThe Four Table by Ferruccio Laviani is an elegant modern office desk from Kartell. The desk’s table top is 0.98 inch thick stratified laminated with varnished steel structure. The thin office desk comes in three size options and color combinations of Black, White and Aluminum.

Finding the Right Chair

When you spend most of your day sitting at a desk, you need a comfortable desk chair. There are plenty of desk chair options like the Maui Swivel Armchair by Vico Magistretti or the Spoon Chair by Antonio Citterio.

Maui Office Chair KartellThe Maui office chair is a great combination of function and style. The chair is made from smooth batch-dyed polypropylene and has a chrome-plated steel frame with castors.

As per the name, the height is adjustable using a gas lift pump and it comes in a variety of a colors like Anthracite, Milky Yellow, Navy Blue, Pale Grey, Scarlet Red and Zinc White.

What Shoppers Are Saying About the Maui Swivel Armchair:

I wanted this Kartell chair as soon as I sat down in it. It’s molded plastic but extremely comfortable. It’s very functional (swivels, adjustable height, and casters) but doesn’t look like I stole it from someone’s corporate office. It has a delicate lightweight aesthetic which is good with my small writing desk. Very happy with it and the price point is reasonable, especially given that it’s licensed modern design from Kartell, meaning if it breaks down they’ll stand behind the repairs for a long time in the future.

Spoon Chairs by KartellMeanwhile, the Kartell Spoon Chair is another comfortable option with a design that will suit most any office area.

The chair is also made of smooth batch-dyed polypropylene and its height is adjusted with a handle concealed inside the trunk. It’s available in a variety of colors including Black, Blue, Gray, Orange and White.

The Finishing Touches with Storage Cabinets

Kartell Componibili StorageThe Componibili Round Storage Modules by Anna Castelli Ferrieri for Kartell are the perfect way to store your office supplies in style. These storage modules have been in production for more than thirty years now, staples of the contemporary furniture world. They are so noteworthy that they are even on display in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Made from ABS plastic, the Componibili Storage Containers are durable and attractive additions to your home office. You can stack them depending on your storage needs or just keep one under your desk for the essentials. The storage modules are available in Black, Red, Silver or White.

What Shoppers Are Saying About Kartell’s Componibili:

Works great for home or office. I use these as bedroom end tables and they offer great style, good storage and high quality material. I assume everyone knows these well so you know what you’re getting. Lumens is a reliable source for these classics.

With the right office desk, chair and storage solution from Kartell, your home office will have the perfect touch of modern.


Other Great Options

Who doesn’t love to accessorize? Be sure to see the selection of office desk accessories for a stapler, tape dispenser, decorative pencil sharpener and more.

Finally, look to the selection of office lighting to find the right suspension, flush ceiling light or desk lamp to light up your office space.

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  • This is a great read, Jeff. I specifically love those red storage cabinets. The design is very ingenious and is perfect for office spaces specifically belongs to creative people. I hope most of the office space for rent providers would consider this type of office furniture as an addition to the offices, and not only focus on making their offices look as corporate as possible because adding this also gives us corporate vibe but in a different way.

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