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A Closer Look at the Moooi Random Light

Moooi Random Light
Jeff Romero
Written by Jeff Romero

MoooiCreated in 2001, Moooi was cofounded by Casper Vissers and Marcel Wanders as an exploration of modern lighting designs and innovative creations with a goal of bringing more beauty to the world of design. The name, Moooi, is taken from the Dutch word “mooi,” which means beautiful.

Wanders and Visser simply added an extra “o” to reflect their goal of delivering the highest level of uniqueness and beauty through their brand. The Moooi collection is expansive and exciting, providing lots of innovative selections.

Moooi Random Light

The Moooi Random Light, which was designed by Bertjan Pot in 1999, is a suspension light fixture that offers an attractive and airy appearance. As is typical with many of his projects, the Random Light began as an experiment involving the use of different materials. His fascination for using non-traditional materials and designs blended with his natural curiosity in restructuring traditional forms and colors to create an innovative, highly prized lighting design.

Moooi Random Light in Black

For this particular design, he attempted to knit the fiberglass at first. When that task did not go as planned, he chose to wrap his resin-coated fiberglass around an inflatable mold. The result was perfect! Once the mold was removed by popping it, the globe retained its shape.

The exterior of the Random Light features a cocoon-like surface, while the entire piece is crafted from fiberglass and epoxy. Despite its fragile appearance, it offers superior durability due to the materials used in its design. Of particular importance is the fact that the body of this Moooi lighting design is crafted from a single piece. When necessary, access to the bulb is achieved through an opening in the top of this modern lighting design.

A long length of wire is used with the light, providing flexibility in placement. This modern lighting design utilizes an incandescent bulb featuring a 100W medium-sized base and the glow from the bulb creates a glow that permeates the air around it. It is available in three sizes, small, medium and large, as well as in two colors, white and black.

Ten years after the original design, Bertjan transformed his suspension light into the Random Light LED Pendant, which is available in two colors and two sizes. The pendant makes use of a bulb-shaped diffuser placed over LED points to deliver the same level of attractiveness in lighting as the original design.

He also designed the Random Light LED Floor Lamp approximately ten years after the original design of the Random Light. It is sold in black or white and includes an integrated touch dimmer.

Moooi Non-Random Light

A playful twist on Bertjan’s famous “Random Light,” the Moooi Non-Random Light received its inspiration from a Japanese green tea whisk. Although its shape is somewhat ball-shaped, it offers a flat, open bottom that delivers an attractive diffusion of light suitable for any space. You can choose a single size or select multiples to create a unique and appealing display.

Bertjan PotBertjan Pot, who studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven, is a top designer for Moooi. He appreciates unusual twists on conventional design standards, resulting in his proclivity for intriguing pieces of furniture and lighting fixtures.

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