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7 Tenets of Well-Designed Homes

Sarah C
Written by Sarah C

For any fan of interior design (myself included), home envy is a real feeling. That’s especially true these days with the number of curated blogs and Instagrams dedicated to the subject. If you look at these home décor and renovation projects side-by-side, you’ll find that they all share basic principles of good design that make them appealing to the keen—or even amateur—eye.

If you want to emulate this same feeling in your space, one of the most important things to remember is that your home is yours, and yours alone. It all comes down to what kind of interior will make you happy and fulfilled. Once you dig deep and find out what your design ethos really is, consider these seven principles of good design when creating your perfect home.

You know you have a well-designed home when…

Nature is brought into the balance.

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There’s something about greenery and plant life that instantly perks up the mood of a space. And since smell is a prominent sense for most people, the scent of fresh cut flowers or herbs can have a calming effect as you enter each room.

The lighting is properly laid out.

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We’ve discussed layering lighting before (ambient, task and accent), but it is always nice to see it put in to action like this. By implementing decorative and functional lighting with an intentional design such as this, the result is a well-lit, highlighted space that does not detract from the underlying theme and décor.

Symmetry is used.

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Symmetry plays an important role in how we humans respond to the world—and that can be both positive or negative. In your bedroom, symmetry is definitely a good way to instill a sense of calm. Your mind will react positively to the balance, and therefore make you feel more relaxed and ready for sleep.

It is ready to entertain.

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Just as you set the table, lay out a centerpiece and cook up a meal for guests, so should you do the same for yourself on any other normal day. This doesn’t mean keeping a full table setting in action all week long. But giving attention to the details of your dining room on days outside of special occasions will make you feel a sense of sophistication—no formal dinner plans needed. And when plans do come up, your dining display will feel more authentic, and less put on, for your guests when they arrive.

There is a sense of serenity.

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This isn’t an absolute truth–in fact, it’s completely subjective–but having a neutral color palette in your home is interior design 101. Whether left in its basic state or livened up with plants or accessorizing pops of color, neutrals have a Zen quality about them that you just can’t beat in home design.

Color is thoughtfully applied.

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Speaking of neutral color palettes, the other great thing about choosing a neutral base is that it can withstand the addition of bright color. Adding a bold rug or rotating out bright artwork is a common approach if neutral doesn’t suit your needs all year round.

There is a designated space for private relaxation.

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Considering the bedroom the only private place for relaxation is a bit prosaic these days, especially when there are so many other great rooms to consider! A good design rule of thumb is to make the most of each space. Creating a peaceful workout room or enhancing the luxury of your bathroom are great places to start.

Taking the time to lay the basic groundwork for a well-designed home is what will elevate your interior space to the next level. Some may seem obvious, and others less so, but taking them into consideration is worth it in the long run. And who knows, with these principles in mind, your home might just be the next feature on those blogs you scroll through.

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Sarah C

Sarah C

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