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5 Ways: Tom Dixon’s Beat Lights

This month, we’re celebrating all things modern design, thanks to our semi-annual Design Event happening now at We’ll be highlighting pieces that have made design history, new and buzzworthy introductions and the stories behind contemporary work from all over the globe. 

Before brass made the serious comeback it’s seen in the last year or two, it made a subtle-yet-striking appearance in one of our favorite collections from the last 10 years: Tom Dixon’s Beat Lights. This series of pendant lights was inspired by cooking pots and water vessels in India, where they are now hand-spun and beaten into the recognizable shapes they’ve become today. One of the things we love about the Beat Light collection is how versatile they are–we’ve seem them in just about every room of the house, from one pendant to dozens.

This collection is well on its way to becoming a modern-day icon. Here are 5 ways to work one or many into your home:

Tom Dixon Beat Lights

1. Clustered: In a big ‘ol group, Beat Lights can make quite the statement as the centerpiece of a room. We see them a lot over a dining table, but thing this 3-piece party in a living space looks super cool. Via MoodHouse.

Beat Lights by Tom Dixon

2. Gamer lights: This one’s from the uh, archives, when we were swooning over the interiors that were Chuck Bass’ apartment on the gone (but never forgotten) Gossip Girl. We love the rugged look of this cluster of Beat Lights over a pool table, and think they’d look right at home over any indoor gaming table.

Fat Beat Light by Tom Dixon

3. Single and loving it: More doesn’t have to be merrier. These beauties look darn good on their own, still bringing a bit of drama thanks to it’s sharp silhouette and contrast. And in an unexpected place like the powder room? Genius. Via Contemporist.

Beat Lights by Tom Dixon

4. Line ’em up: Instead of a cluster, multiple beat lights look great together in a linear style. Lining them up in a monocromatic scheme like this really enhances the silhouettes and draws your eyes right to the lights. Via Desire to Inspire.

Tall Beat Light by Tom Dixon

5. Bedside buddy: A semi-unconventional place we love pendants is next to the bed. The sleek Tall Beat Light by Tom Dixon looks great here, providing a little bit of bedside downlight and doubling as decor. Via HomeDSGN.

What’s your favorite spot for a Beat Light?

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