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3 Ways to Modernize Your Outdoor Space

Do you have a front porch flushmount you want to update? Patio wall lights that could use a refresh? How about an older outdoor ceiling fan that has seen better days? Why not upgrade to something modern that will impress your guests and make your home stand out among the entire neighborhood? Summertime is on its way and now is the perfect time to improve your exterior’s design to something a bit more contemporary.

Use these three tips to help modernize your outdoor space for summer.

Wall Sconces Are Welcoming

Sconces provide warm, welcoming light to your guests. Most outdoor sconces are anchored near the front door providing light for the porch and offer a bright salutation. Contemporary outdoor sconces are also rated for damp or wet conditions, making them suitable for outdoor use and many are dark-sky compliant to help reduce light pollution. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles to accommodate your space, plus, many are made with energy-efficient LED technology to help you cut down on your electricity bill.

dweLED Steampunk SconceModern Forms Forq SconceHinkley Lighting Shelter Sconce

The sconces in this outdoor selection are also ideal for commercial applications, providing ample illumination outside of restaurants and office buildings. Not only are they inviting to your customers, they can also provide an added element of security for your property.

Play With Shadows

Vibia Origami Wall Light
Some decorative lighting designs give you the option to be artistic with your outdoor lighting by playing with shadows. Designs like Origami by Vibia allow you to organize fixtures to your liking to display intriguing patterns of light and shadow. The concept of shadow play with outdoor lighting works well for residential use, but also adds an unexpected decorative impact to modern commercial spaces.

Look to the complete selection of shadow-casting lights to see more options for your outdoor space.

Outdoor-Friendly Fans

Fanimation Zonix Outdoor Fan
Outdoor-friendly ceiling fans are rated for use in exterior locations and work well under covered patios or large covered porches. Aside from the ability to influence the temperature in your outdoor living space, these fans help to provide a splash of style. Designs like the Zonix Outdoor Fan (pictured above) exude modern style while being perfectly suitable for outdoor use. And in large, open outdoor locations, look to the Minka Aire Slipstream or the Odyn Ceiling Fan from Fanimation. Both designs offer an extensive blade span to help you move a lot of air and keep the space cool. Most outdoor ceiling fans also include an integrated light kit, giving you the opportunity to add a touch of lighting to the space too. Before purchasing a fan, double check that it is UL Listed Damp or UL Listed Wet to make sure it is safe for outdoor use.

Other Great Options

Don’t forget the patio furniture! A well-lit outdoor living area can be complemented by modern furniture pieces including an outdoor dining table, lounge chairs and storage furniture. Check out all of the furniture options for the deck and patio here.

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