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10 Modern Centerpieces to Try

Written by Nissa

The poor dining table, always so unappreciated. So under dressed. It doesn’t have to be a holiday to show that surface some love (though it certainly is good motivation).

Fortunately, there are lots of ways that you can use your tabletop to show off your modern design chops as well as your ability to entertain with aplomb. Here are a few of our favorite modern centerpieces:

One Color, a Million Centerpieces

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A monochromatic or tone-on-tone centerpiece lets you experiment with a mix of shapes and textures within a single color. If a particular element doesn’t come in your chosen color naturally-say, a blue pinecone-a coat of spray paint will pull it in and make it even more intriguing for its unique coloring.

Candles, Candles and More Candles

Image via, by Lindsay Hackney.

On their own, candles can feel a bit traditional. But when you group them together en masse, the modern design possibilities become much more obvious. Mixing candle sizes, candleholder shape and the number of candles in a grouping lends a tabletop unique topography as well as warm light.

Hi-Tech Tabletop

If you’re feeling the heat about using real candles, the My New Flame Rechargeable LED Candle is a tech-savvy alternative. These “candles” have a flickering flame at the top, courtesy of 256 LEDs and visible circuitry. They’re all you need to make an impression in a minimal tablescape.

A Sudden Frost

Image via, by Marianna Jamadi for Tinsel & Twine.

Give your table a cool look by adorning it in shades of blue and white. Here, a deep blue tablecloth provides a foundation for white and silver place settings. The incorporation of cotton puffs in a silver vessel gives the otherwise formal setting a soft, natural look, and makes it appear even snowier.

Bold and Brassy

Image via, by Caroline Ro Photography.

A little metallic flash might be most popular around the holidays, but there’s room for a little glitz and glam any time of year. And these days, mixing those metals is a great way to give your celebration a glamorous, modern update. Here, gold/brass planters and place settings provide the shimmering foundation, with accents of copper and silver thrown in. Even the succulents are joining in.

Centerpiece from Above

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Who says a centerpiece has to actually be on a table? A suspended centerpiece adds height as well as impact to a dining table. Simply hang a ring, rack, board or other display above, and then adorn it as you would the actual table: drape greenery, seasonal flowers, twinkle lights, etc.

Off the Wall

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Consider a centerpiece that extends all the way off the table. In this case, the family members who will sit around the table are featured in a curated photo cluster. It’s a great decorative element and really pays tribute to guests and the wish-you-were-heres.

Simply Succulent

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Using succulents for modern centerpieces is a great alternative to more traditional floral arrangements. They hint at flowers with their varied petals and colors, but have a heartier feel. They are also highly adaptable to a variety of designs, from the mossy, low-profile centerpiece pictured here to larger ornate structures.

Naturally Sparkly

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Apothecary jars, moss and other greenery and twinkling battery-operated fairy lights create a magical tabletop tableau. Simple white accents add another clean, contemporary layer, yet still keep things warm and natural feeling.

Pretty Enough to Eat

Image via, by Justina Blakeney.

Put a centerpiece to work at your table by having it provide appetizers as well as an attractive accent. On a clean fabric runner or charcuterie board, you can arrange a thematic mix of ready-to-eat nibbles, such as colorful fruit (shown here), meats/cheese/bread or crudité.

Any and all of these modern centerpieces will make your tabletop a welcome place to gather around all year round. Best of all, not only will they make your table more than just a piece of furniture on which to eat, they will make it a dazzling centerpiece all of its own.

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