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10 Laundry Rooms That Will Inspire You To Love Chores

Sarah C
Written by Sarah C

Ah, laundry day. For some, it is the most dreaded day of the week. But maybe it’s not the activity itself as much as the space you’re doing it in—it might just be that your laundry room needs some love in the design department. Sure, the space might be steeped in function, but that should give you all the more reason to get creative with paint colors, storage and layout to make chores feel inspiring. The following spaces capture all of these qualities and more, and have us wanting a modern laundry room for ourselves.

Image via. Photo: Jillian McAlley Photography

Being a functional room in the house, it is likely that your laundry room is equipped with an unflattering fluorescent light. This space defies that twice: Natural light floods through a stylish porthole window which is then complemented with staggered pendant lights. Because it is so bright, the cabinets and floors can get away with being darker without cramping the space.

Image via. Designed by NORTHBOURNE Architecture + Design. Photography by Eve Wilson.

With such neat organization and cool tiling, it is no wonder this master bath keeps the doors open to its laundry setup. By incorporating the same details and theme as the bathroom, this modern appliance looks great in plain sight.

Image via. Designed by Retreat Design.

That isn’t to say you always want your washer and dryer on display. This space does the opposite and hides their appliances in pop out cupboards for a streamlined, contemporary look.

Image via Caesarstone.

Compact space, no problem! A good rule of thumb when organizing is to start vertically, so this stacked washer and dryer combo has the right idea. This even leaves room for shelves and a sink for hand washing delicate clothing.

Image via. Photographer: Leslee Mitchell. Source: Pencil & Paper. Designer: Pencil & Paper.

This space shows that it is all about the details. By creating a cohesive color scheme throughout the space (notice how the wall sconce, flushmount and cupboard hardware have the same gold finish) this laundry room channels the look of a well-designed bedroom.

Image via. Interior design by Ashley Winn Design. Sourced by Home Bunch.

There is something so peaceful about seafoam green—especially when paired with other natural tones like this. The end result is open, airy and clean; exactly how a laundry room should feel.

Image via.

By adding a few home-y touches like artwork and plants, this laundry room has a more personalized look to it. And since the décor is relatively neutral in this space, the use of patterned tiles adds a nice touch of variation for the eye.

Image via. Photo by Michael Graydon.

Now that’s what I call a laundry room! From the appliances to the light fixtures and architecture, this space embodies modern luxury. While waiting for the clothes to dry we wouldn’t be opposed to reading a book or napping in this light-filled window seat.

Image via.

A traditionally moody color, this space manages to use dark purple in a very light and bright way. The farm kitchen sink adds a rustic nature to the space (working nicely with the patterned rug) and is given a finishing touch with matching brass accents on the cupboards and shelf.

Image via.

Instead of stowing your washer and dryer away, consider putting them front and center like this laundry room. Framed by a tall window like this, more light is allowed to come through the space, instantly leavening an otherwise small corner of the house.

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