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Monochrome white kitchens are something we are choosing to leave in 2018. Yes, I know it’s classic. Yes, I know it’s clean. But the sterile lab-like kitchens just don’t invite people in and make them want to stay there.

Whether it’s a bright appliance, a patterned tile or a warm wood accent adding color to your space, it makes your kitchen a space that you want to be in. Say it with me, color is my friend. Breathe. Now check out these awesome kitchens I tracked down on Instagram to help inspire you to add that color you need.

Winter Blues

This kitchen is anything but a downer. The soft, deep powdery blue is calming and pops beautifully as a feature on the island. The color is picked up again in the ornately patterned moroccan tiles, and helps soften the heavy industrial accents in the hood and pendants. Make sure the feature islands stays featured with the use of a minimal or translucent bar stools.

Black and White

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What more bold or fundamental color combo than the eternal classic. The black cabinets and counters pop like crazy against the all white walls of this modern kitchen. The contrast adds a richness that many modern spaces can lack.

Triangle Time

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Afraid of committing to colored cabinets? Let the tile do the talking! This kitchen features a bold pattern softened with a matte, desaturated color palette, including little hints of teal to break up the white, grey and black. This is a perfect way to add a playful touch if you normally tend toward minimalism.

Gems and Jewels

Don’t be afraid to indulge! This luxe looking kitchen features a bold garnet colored island. Accented with brass hardware and the hammered brass interiors of the pendants, this island adds a rich and classy edge to what would have been a clean but bland space.

Feature Furniture

Sometimes you don’t want the kitchen to be the focus of the space. Smart planning and well-chosen finishes mean that the clean lines of this kitchen feel right at home with the rest of the space. The island and bold blackened upper cabinets feature in the space almost like pieces of furniture more than built-in cabinets.

Little Red Corvette

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For when you want a performance machine. This gorgeous Italian range and oven spice up even the most monochrome of spaces. Classic and functional, this is a perfect way to amp up an all-white space without having to do a deep remodel. Going for an iconic and classic design means that, even with a crazy color, it will stand the test of time.

Green With Envy

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Not your grandma’s avocado kitchen! This is a gorgeous way of integrating a shade not often seen in the kitchen. The minimal lines of the cabinets and delicate veining of the marble backsplash create a great frame for this rich green color. Bold but not overwhelming, if done right.

More is More

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Sometimes you just have to go for it. Marble is the star of the show here. While we are back with a classic black and white color palette, this feels so much more vibrant and almost buzzing with energy and movement. The almost delicate open shelving mirrors the bold veining on the statuary walls and adds a lovely light contrast to the potentially overwhelming wall finish. The space is anchored by the dark black island and matching stools, which give the eye a space to land and rest.

Teal Time

Be age inappropriate. The fun teal pops on the island and built-in china hutch play across the space, with the mod blue tiles of the backsplash highlighting the classic shaker style cabinets. The play of new and old adds a very cozy and homey feel while maintaining a clean and bright space.

All About Accessories

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Sometimes a color overhaul is just not in the cards. This calming kitchen shows that it is not always about the finish choices. The gorgeous open cabinets and overhead shelving let their items do the talking. This means you can keep step with the trends–and even the season–if you want.

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