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10 Dreamy Instagram Bedrooms

Written by Cody

If you’re anything like me, the bedroom is one of your favorite rooms in the house. It’s your comfy and cozy retreat, the place where you can relax and rest up to face the day. But as much as you may love it, does that show through careful, personalized design?

Thanks to Instagram, there are thousands of ideas out there to inspire you to make your bedroom even more cool and comfortable. Here are some of my recent favorites.

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Not set on one texture or pattern or look? Don’t worry about your bed looking like a total mess. Using a monochrome palette helps unify different elements within a space and gives the room a soothing overall feel that would make you want to dive in at the end of a long day.

Don’t fear convention. Just because a bed is generally placed against a wall in the bedroom, who says you cannot put your bed in the middle of your library? As we move back to cities, more and more people face non-standard home layouts. Find where you are comfortable and make it your own.

Camp can be fun. Packing in a lot of people can be a challenge. These bunks are a creative, fun and luxurious way to make the most of the room that you have while keeping everyone comfortable. Thoughtful details like individual reading lights and bookshelves make this a haven for your inner bookworm.

A big room requires big furniture. That being said, an oversized headboard does not need an arena-sized room. It is a great, potentially dramatic way to direct the focus of the room to one spot and make the most of your bed.

Light it up! Neon lettering and art are a huge trend right now, and for good reason. Neon is an awesome way to create a custom piece of art that really stands on its own and makes the space feel so much more interesting. You can find artists that have their own designs or can create one to your own specifications. Or build out individual neon letters yourself to create your own message.

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Wood is something that I really respond to. This paneled accent wall is a easy and expensive looking way to bring wood into a space and immediately warm it up. Find a tone and pattern that works for the space and does not overwhelm, and you can reclaim wood paneling from its ’70s basement shame.

Field of dreams. Don’t limit an accent to a color; make it a pattern. This room makes great use of soft pink to break up the deep blue of the wall. But the pink comes with its own extra special feature. The repeated use of the peony bloom is a romantic way to soften what could feel like a rather heavy room.

Mirror, mirror on the wall makes the room look twice as tall. Using a mirror wall can conjure images of seedy motel, but when done right can be the saving grace of a room. Breaking the wall up with a classy beveled edge gives a more refined feel to match the rest of the room. And it gives you an awesome optical illusion that makes the wall separating the bedroom and closet almost disappear.

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A study in contrasts. Bold is not always bad. When done correctly, one of the most primary color contrasts, black and white, can end up rich and soothing. It’s the perfect combination for making a bedroom the oasis you want. The trick here is using a deep matte textured finish for the black to help ease the weight of the wall, and then moderate the balance with natural wood accents.

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Finally, a bit of pattern play. Don’t feel like you need to limit yourself to one single pattern; life is too short. One way to keep a bedroom from feeling schizophrenic is to unify everything using a single color tone. This blue and white palette keeps the melange of patterns and textures from feeling overwhelming and keeps it fun and light.

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