10 Times the Chandelier Made the Room

Sarah C
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I like to think of a chandelier as the crown jewel of an interior space—it’s decorative, requires some sort of investment, and makes a statement about the home (and inhabitants) it hangs in.

In terms of lighting, the chandelier has been around for quite some time—certainly way before the light bulb ever existed. These days, chandeliers come in most shapes, styles and sizes, so finding the right one to ramp up the wow-factor of a room is easier than ever. These 10 chandeliers are not only practically perfect in every way, they show just how much impact this ever-important fixture can be in stealing the show—er, room.

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I’m obsessed with Lindsey Adelman’s designs, and this stunner is no exception. You can’t deny the dramatic effect this chandelier has in this room. It’s branchy and organic…which seems nothing like the tailored and classical elements of this space…but it works nonetheless.

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Speaking of branchy, this “chandelier” is far more literal, and far from traditional. Tiny lights wrap around the tangled silhouette of this branch, making it an awesome centerpiece rather more than a functional light.

Let’s switch to something a little more uniform, shall we? This room is so symmetrical it is making my inner perfectionist jump for joy. You can tell that each color is thoughtfully considered and accessorized with the proper light source. Notice how to the lines of this gold chandelier mirror the lines of the black and white carpet below.

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Speaking of black and white, this isn’t your average chandelier hanging in this bright and airy parlor. Globe-and-stem lighting designs are all the rage, and this linear chandelier gets that trend right like no other.

This dining room makes me reconsider everything I thought a chandelier was and could be. This version of CTO Lighting’s Array Cotton Chandelier is kind of spider-y, but has an elegant quality with the crisp cotton shades lined with gold. It acts like a top hat for this room, it ties it all together by picking up the hints of black peppered around the room.

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For trying so hard to blend in by matching the walls, this chandelier (from Rich Brilliant Willing’s Palindrome collection) can’t help but be the center of attention in this room. It looks like a bike frame has been bent and warped to get to this final shape, and has little sandwiches of light to brighten the space. Completely unorthodox, but completely awesome.

Everyone loves a good neutral color palette, but a chandelier can be a great way to pick up the tiny details for a dramatic effect. This chandelier is minimalistic just like the kitchen, but is subtle about matching the brass hardwire sitting just below it.

Why settle for one chandelier when you can have two? These two Caviar Multi-Light Pendants by Arteriors are unique in that they are technically “multi-light” pendants, but they have the same effect as a traditional chandelier…in a very non-traditional way.

This chandelier has three qualities that I just love: it’s abstract, dramatic and matte black. Those three together make a no-fail combination for instant class. This bedroom would be so lonely without this chandelier—they make a perfect, eye-catching match.

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This kitchen/dining room combo is just too dreamy for words, and the elements all come together thanks to the striking chandelier as the centerpiece. The hanging wires mirror the chairs and the veins in the marble seamlessly.

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