10 Bath Design Ideas from Instagram

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The bathroom is perhaps a minor space in your home, but a major one in terms of showing it a little love with a design update. Part function and part fashion, there are many things to consider when planning out your remodel. As finishes go in and out of style and “it” colors come and go with the seasons, it is that much more important to make sure that the space you are designing works and speaks to you.

When you look for ideas and inspiration keep an open mind, and look for new ideas. Here are 10 of my favorite recent inspirations from Instagram:

Mirror, Mirror

Squares, rectangles, circles and even ovals are fairly common shapes to see for bathroom mirrors. Don’t let yourself be pigeonholed by common shapes. This Chinoiserie style adds a touch of dramatic flair to this classic bath.

Rock of Ages

Functional does not mean drab. A countertop can be a perfect place to make a bold statement in a modern bath. Here the clean lines of the rest of space let the rich texture of the stone vanity top define the space.

Hotel Vibes

Keep storage from getting stuffy. The old bath closet can become a dreary mess. Opening up the space can inspire and give you are more polished look, something you may see at a boutique hotel. These open shelves are stuffed full of fluffy rolled towels and nice-smelling toiletries. Such touches give the bathroom a luxurious, spa-like feel.

Color Pop

An accent color is a great way to tie a space together. A single color can help unify various eras, styles and finishes to make sure that the overall space feels cohesive. The color black is used here to dramatically accent the bright white space and make the rich wooden details pop.

Jewel Box

As a fan of a good shower, I get really excited when I see a really good shower. There are many materials that may not immediately come to mind for a shower space. But a wood like teak has been used for thousands of years in wet environments. The precise wood slats used in this shower have an immensely warm touch and feel that is truly unique.

City Rain

Sometimes, an open shower may not be a option for your bath. For those of us who do need to have their showers hemmed in, there are some awesome and creative ideas. The industrial style surround shown here is a fantastic way to keep style high and water in the drain.

Light and Magic

For those who prefer a bath, do not feel left out. There can be high style for the soak as well. Lighting is important in any design, but but with this bath it takes on an almost magic effect. The tub seems to almost float on a sea of light, and is framed by an elegant backlit shelf that also keeps bath time necessities close as hand.

Fully Exposed

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The bath is usually a place kept private, oftentimes tucked into the middle of a floor plant. For those a bit braver–or a bit more remote–an open sky design like this can give you the feeling of being right in the middle of nature. Not for the faint of heart…but what a view!

More is More

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While minimalism is a popular design trend, opulence is always an option. Bathrooms are generally a bit smaller than the average room, so going all in is easier here than, say, the living room. And as it is a space in which you spend a limited amount of time, the richness does not become overwhelming. The opulent gold and marble slathered all over this bath present a lushness that will brighten almost any day.

A Piece of Work

Last, but not least, furniture as built-ins. It’s a trend that we have been seeing all over the home, and the bath is no exception. Using a credenza, desk or dresser as a bathroom vanity (and other storage) will add a much more custom look to a completed bath, much like what we see here.

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